Simplify your Photo Experience on the Web with Pictarine

One of the more frustrating aspects of life on the web is the scattering of your property across various services. This is especially true of photos- easily one of the more personal aspects of your digital self. The granddaddy of photo sharing sites is Flickr, but since its inception many other services have competed for the right to host your pictures, chief among them being Facebook. Google has its own web app, Picasa, which it has integrated into its new social network, Google+, and within Twitter there are numerous apps fighting for your attention, not to mention the various services integrated into your mobile experience. The result is an labyrinth of personal pixels and memories difficult to navigate. This is the problem Pictarine attempts to solve.

The first and perhaps most valuable feature of Pictarine is the ability to connect all of your photo-hosting accounts, then back them up locally by downloading a single file to your hard drive. This feature in and of itself makes Pictarine worth the time to sign up. They also give you the option of downloading all of your friends*** photos across services.

After logging in and connecting your various accounts, you’ll be presented with the default Pictarine view, an attractive interface that presents your photos in collage format. To the left, you’ll see the sidebar, with your accounts at the top. Simply click an account to see your photos, consolidated into one page and organized by date. There’s even an option to search all of the photos available, from all of your friends, across all services.

Below your albums are all of your contacts from each service, listed alphabetically. Simply find a contact whose photos you’d like to browse, click their name, and Pictarine presents their photos in the same beautiful interface, again organized by date. Clicking on an album presents you with that album’s photos, and the option to download it to your hard drive. You can also click on a specific picture to bring up the picture viewer, in which you can browse single photos or play a slideshow of all of them:

Here's a snapshot of all supported services:

Pictarine seems to have a very simple mission: simplifying your photo experience on the web, and they seem to do it quite well. If you have pictures scattered across the web, it’s hard to deny the allure of this app.

Pictarine/ @pictarine