Search Your Entire Personal Web with @Greplin

The fragmentation of your personal data is one of the more frustrating aspects of experiencing life on the web. Photos, documents, notes, status updates- anything and everything is spread out across a plethora of services, giving the sense of a disconnect between you and your data. Greplin would like to remedy that.

Greplin is a simple search tool that allows you to connect your current web services (Gmail, Dropbox, Evernote, and a whole lot more), and then use its simple search feature to search for anything across all of those services. It presents the results in a clean, minimal interface, organizing results by service. You can also filter results to restrict your search to notes, mail, events, etc. 

Greplin offers free and premium plans. Currently supported services on the free plan include:

- Gmail
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Dropbox
- LinkedIn
- Google Calendar
- Google Docs
- Google Contacts
- Yahoo Mail

Premium features can be added for $4.99 per month (or $49.00 yearly) and include the following services:

- Evernote
- Basecamp
- Salesforce
- Yammer
- Highrise
- Campfire

Some services listed include a mysterious “unlockable” ribbon, though it’s unclear what constitutes an unlockable service. I was able to add my Reddit, Google Reader, Delicious, and Pinboard accounts, all of which are listed as “unlockable.”

Other than the fact that Greplin is available on your phone, there’s not much more to say about the service, and therein lies the beauty: it’s a simple, no-frills service that allows you to search across virtually all of your data on the web. What would’ve taken you hours to find without this product now, literally, takes seconds.

Greplin / @greplin