A Simple Solution to Web Chaos: SimplyNoise

One of the great conundrums of the modern day is our capacity to focus. So many distractions fight for your attention on a second-by-second basis, especially if you spend a substantial amount of time on the web.

Much research has gone into the exploration of white noise and its effects on our ability to concentrate on a given task. While the jury is still out on specifics, accumulated knowledge supports the notion that white noise is very beneficial to calming your chaotic mind. Enter SimplyNoise.

SimplyNoise does exactly what it says on the tin- open the website, and you’re presented with a simple noise generator. The first time you visit, SimplyNoise is preset to a certain volume of white noise, easily adjustable by sliding the volume button to the left or right. You’re also given the option to oscillate the volume up and down. If white noise doesn’t quite suit you, try the pink or brown noise options. In my experience, these options will be restored the next time you visit, provided you haven't cleared your browser's cookies.

In a recent study, researchers found that white noise enhances the ability of children with easily distracted minds to focus on their given task. (For more, read this). On its own site, SimplyNoise lists a few other benefits of the application:

+ Sleep Aid
+ Enhance Privacy
+ Block Distractions
+ Mask Tinnitus
+ Pacify children and pets
+ Soothe Migraines
+ Increase Focus
+ Melt Away Stress

Personally, I have a SimplyNoise tab open in my browser when any focus-intense task is at hand- especially reading and writing- and I'm not the only one. It’s a perfect companion to your daily browsing habits, and it’s a crucial tool in simplifying your web.

SimplyNoise provides iOS and Android apps available to help you focus on the go. There's even a free download of a "Thunderstorm" soundscape.