@TeuxDeux Gorgeously Simplifies your Task List

The task list is a very personal thing, and there is no shortage of apps, be it web, mobile, or native, to cater to varying tastes. The essence of the todo list seems to have, like so many other things, become quite complicated. Teuxdeux aims to bring the task list back to its roots.

Instead of a single list, TeuxDeux presents you with a list for each day of the week, presenting you with a quick visual overview of your weekly goals. Use the input box to add tasks, click to mark them as finished, and any unfinished tasks carry over to the next day. Arrows on either side of the screen allow you to move a day forward or backward in your week, and hovering the arrow presents you with an option to view adjacent weeks, or jump to a specific date to add a future task.

The bottom half o the screen presents a very unique feature- the “someday” category. The idea is to put your big-ticket items here: the vacation you’re planning, your future novel, etc. I’ve used the five separate columns to create five different lists- a task list for home-related things, one for work-related things, a list of things I’d like to do for personal growth, a “maybe” list, and a simple section for various notes. Obviously, how you use it is up to you- in its simplicity, it presents a very flexible template.

As is imperative with any organizational tool, TeuxDeux is also available for your mobile device, allowing you to take your task list with you with minimal to no effort. There is an official iPhone app and an excellent, unofficial Android app.

Incidentally, TeuxDeux is designed by the fantastic swissmiss, and built by Fictive Kin, the same seemingly brilliant minds that brought you Gimmebar. It’s a gorgeous, simple, intuitive way to stop agonizing over your task list, and focus on getting things done. In fact, this is the only non-Google app that I use as a pinned browser tab- as long as my browser is open, TeuxDeux is open.

TeuxDeux | @teuxdeux