@Philanthropr Truly Makes the Web a Better Place

The web is full of shiny new start-ups- glistening pearls of “newness” calling out for your attention. Philanthroper is a bit different. Instead of trying to solve a problem related to- or caused by- the web, Philanthroper addresses one of the most critical tenets of being human: helping those less fortunate. We’ve all felt that tug, to give something to those whose circumstances inspire compassion or outrage. The tricky part is knowing what to do about it. Philanthropy is, traditionally, an endeavor suited to the wealthy, not a viable option for the common web surfer- until now.

Philanthroper makes it insanely easy to help. Sign up with your Google or Twitter ID, and Philanthroper will send you a daily email outlining their latest cause- and here’s the kicker: all they ask for is one dollar. See, a dollar can go a long way. A single dollar can buy someone four meals, send a child with HIV to camp, or even buy anti-malerial meds for five expectant mothers. Their daily newsletter will outline the latest 501(c)3 nonprofit, allowing you to simply click the link to donate $1 (or up to ($10). The resulting page will show you your selected cause, along with a counter showing the total donations for your cause, to date, and some background information on the problem the nonprofit attempts to ease. They’ll also send a weekly roundup of their causes if you’d like to peruse on the weekend, rather than sifting through the daily mail.
Philanthroper claims that over $100,000 has been collected for various causes through their efforts. By making it so easy (and so affordable) to give, they’re making the world- not just the web- a better place.

Philanthroper | @philanthropr