@ThisIsMyJam Gives Your Music a Refreshingly Simple Makeover

Thisismyjam is a music discovery service with a decidedly streamlined feature set: users choose one song as their “jam of the day”, and... well, that’s about it. The result of such focus is a simple, no-fluff music discovery app that is an absolute pleasure to use, precisely because of its simplicity.

Once you sign up, choose your jam. Just search for the artist and title and you’ll be presented with, usually, multiple audio and video versions. Choose one (after you preview it), and select “post.” Done. That’s your new jam. Now you can share it via Facebook and Twitter, so that friends can follow along and see what song you’re mesmerized by this week. You, of course, can follow them, too. Again, the beautiful simplicity makes this a pleasure. Find your friends, and find that one great song that they’re listening to- not albums, not artists, not endless lists of songs. One single song.

To find people to follow, your homepage links to “popular jams”, you can browse the users the service recommends, or you can find friends already on Thisismyjam via your social networks.

Meanwhile, a persistent toolbar at the bottom of the page allows you to play your current jam while you browse. 

Once you've selected people to follow, the beauty of this service becomes quite evident. The requirement to be selective leads to a much higher quality of music, and thus a much more enjoyable listening experience. Add the ability to play all of the songs selected by the people you follow with one click, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a better music experience on the web.

All in all, Thisismyjam is a brilliantly executed and welcome addition to the plethora of music services on the web: quite pleasing to the eye, refreshingly simple, and surprisingly addictive.

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