@Handpickme is the Most Thoughtful Way to Share on the Web

Link sharing is perhaps the most common usage of the modern web- it's either a feature or even the backbone of most every online social platform. Inherent in the social aspect of these services, however, is an overabundance of information, a torrent of content. Five minutes on the giants of the web demonstrates this overabundance, and separate tools are built just to cope with this deluge via filtering mechanisms.

What happens, though, when you want to share a few handpicked items with a select group of people? Email is probably the most convenient way to accomplish this, but it can seem a bit antiquated, and if you've more than a single link to share, it's easy to bombard your recipient's inbox. Surely, a more elegant solution is needed.

Enter Handpick, which introduces a more thoughtful way to share interesting content. As is a requirement for Sssimpli-approved apps, Handpick is quite simple to use. Once you've signed up (there are three account tiers, which I'll explain in a bit), simply drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, and you're almost ready to start sharing.

Handpick has recently added support for Google Contacts, so if you're a Gmail user, the first thing you'll want to do is import your contacts to make them all available when create your groups. There's also an option to connect your Instapaper account, which allows you to send articles directly to your Instapaper account when you use the bookmarklet. Next, create some groups to share with. For instance, I have a "psychology" group which shares my interest in the latest psychology findings. Now, when you come across an interesting piece of content on the web, simply click the Handpick bookmarklet, and you're presented with a small pop-up:

Fill in the popup, first, with the name of the group or groups you'd like to share the page with. Next, tell Handpick if you'd like to send a copy of the article to your Instapaper account by clicking the dropdown menu and selecting an Instapaper folder (this is an extemely thoughtful feature, as it saves you from having to open the Instapaper bookmarklet separately).

Your articles will not be sent immediately. Instead, Handpick will consolidate all of your shares into a single email, sending your groups a timely, handpicked digest of content selected especially for them. You can select specific times to send this digest on Handpick's "manage group" page, along with a slew of other carefully considered options such as email subjects/ descriptions/ conclusions, a bcc option to hide email addresses from other recipients, hiding timestamps, and a fantastic option to make your Handpicked items subscribable via an RSS feed.

There are three tiers of Handpicked accounts, ranging from free to $9.99/ mo:

Handpick solves a problem many of us didn't realize we had, and does so quite beautifully, simply, and elegantly, exemplifying a more deliberate, conscious method of sharing that one can only hope others emulate. It also has a wonderfully active and caring creator in Alvin Lai. If Sssimpli used a five-star rating system, Handpick would be one of the few five-star recipients.

Handpick | @handpickme