@Quickish is a Welcome Respite for Online Sports Fans

We haven't discussed sports much here at Sssimpli- or, in fact, ever- but sports comprise a large part of the online lives of many. There are surprisingly few simple, efficient ways to keep up with your sports news, however. Sure, big sites like ESPN and Sports Illustrated can serve up your sports fix, but the websites are generally clunky, cumbersome and difficult to navigate. The solution seems to be Quickish.

Quickish has been called the Techmeme of sports. In case you're not familiar with Techmeme, it's the go-to site for a quick glance at what's happening in the world of tech. If the aim of Quickish is to do the same for sports, it succeeds.

The beauty of Quickish is the leveraging of social media to determine what's happening in the sports world, combined with the selective curation only human editors can provide. The result is a thoughtful blend of what's important and what's being talked about (because the two are not always the same thing). The homepage gives you top stories, and links on the sidebar provide a few extras: "serendipity" generates a random list of stories, Quickish.tv provides the must-see videos, "Long-ish reads" satisfies quite well if you're in the mood for somewhat in-depth articles, the Quickish Daily links to a well-written daily blog, and "Front Pages" provides a quick look at the front pages of papers around the country:

Want to get involved? If there's a story flying around that you think would be right for Quickish, send them a link via Twitter, with the hashtag #qksh, or to their handle, @quickish.

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