If You Use Social Media, @BufferApp is a Must

I usually write a quick introduction paragraph to Sssimpli posts, but I decided to skip it this time. I'll say only this: if you use Facebook and/or Twitter, you should be using Buffer.

Most of us log into Twitter (or Facebook) a couple of times a day, and all of our updates tend to get crowded into that small window of time. Ever retweeted fourteen people in a space of two minutes? We've all done it, and it can be quite annoying to be on the other side of those tweets. Buffer does one thing, and does it very, very well: it spreads out your social media updates over a predetermined timetable, preventing you from flooding your followers'/ friends' timeline. Sign up, connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and select the times you'd like to post. Mine are set to the following (a setup, I believe, very similar to default):
If you'd like, you can set up your bit.ly account to use with your Buffer account. If you're a basic user, your setup is just that simple (there are pro and premium accounts available for power and/or corporate users). Now to add some posts to your Buffer. Thankfully, the app works basically wherever social media resides- check out the extras page to find out if your app of choice already has Buffer integration. If not, no sweat. Just install the bookmarklet (which we're quite fond of here) and off you go. Whenever you come across an interesting page or post, just click the bookmarklet to add it to your Buffer. You can even add it to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously. Use Google Reader? You don't even need to open the original page- just click the bookmarklet while inside of Google Reader, and Buffer will add the highlighted post. A quick note: if you select text on the page before opening the bookmarklet, Buffer will auto-fill with that text in your update. If no text is selected, it will use the page title.

Of course, you can also sign in directly to your dashboard to post updates from there:

Need analytics? Buffer has them built right into the dashboard. Can't think of anything to post? Click "suggest a post" and Buffer will do just that. They can even send you email updates when your Buffer gets low.

To say that there are a mind-boggling number of social media apps floating around the web is a massive understatement. To say that Buffer has created what may be the most useful among the crop is not doing the service justice, so I'll just say it again: if you tweet, use Buffer.

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