@Joinbox Brings All Your Social Communications Together

Few would argue that communication is the backbone of the web. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of methods to achieve this communication, however, and if you’re not careful, it can be daunting to sift through all the sites you use to regularly communicate via the web, not to mention the resources required to keep separate tabs open for your messaging needs. Joinbox wants to simplify the process, and does an admirable job of doing so.

Joinbox combines all of your social feeds into one tidy, useful interface. Add your email, Facebook and Twitter accounts (multiple Twitter accounts are supported) to browse each in a simple combined view. You can also add RSS feed to the “news” section to browse your daily news. The biggest drawback to using a unified inbox is the lack of integrated features that the respective services offer- Gmail’s labeling and filtering, for example, or many Twitter clients’ ability to search for users or tweets without leaving the app.

That’s not to say that Joinbox doesn’t offer benefits beyond streamlining that native apps can’t offer. The search feature, for example, allows you to search messages across all of your connected network. The basic abilities unique to each network are still there, too: commenting on Facebook posts, retweeting, forwarding emails. Browsing Facebook via Joinbox feels like a much more pleasant experience than does Facebook.com, removing the ads, annoying news ticker, and so on, and personally, that feature alone makes Joinbox worth a try. The ability to quickly fire off a message to any account you choose directly from the app is also a very headache-reducing feature.

Here’s Joinbox in action:

Facebook View

RSS View

Email View

The problem that Joinbox tries to remedy is not a new one, and a few apps have tried to address the issue. Threadsy comes to mind. Few have been able to pull it off in such a simple way, however, without sacrificing too much in the way of features. For now, Joinbox is still in private beta, and if there’s a way for current members to send invites, the method eludes me. If that changes in the future, I’ll update the article accordingly. 

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