@AlbumReminder is the Simplest Way to Keep up with Your Music

 The web applications most synonymous with the Simple Web are those that do one thing very well. Album Reminder is a prime example of such an app. It does exactly what it says on the tin, reminding you when you when your favorite artists release a new album. The reminders come via email, so if you use Gmail, it’s easy to create a custom filter to create a customized list of your artists’ newest albums.

Using the service is dead simple. Head over to Album Reminder, create an account, and you’re presented with a few options to get started. First, you’ll want to let Album Reminder know what artists you’re interested in following. You can import your iTunes or MediaMonkey collection, pull your last.fm top artists, or import via a simple text list, up to 5000 artists. Once you’re finished, Album Reminder will send you a notification email every time one of your favorites releases a new album. There’s also an option to grab an RSS feed, which you can use in lieu of email.

On the homepage, you can view a grid of popular artists, which can be narrowed down by week or year, or you can go directly to your artists to see their latest offerings. A “Recommendations” section will present you with a list of artists you may be interested in if your list is rather empty, or you can simply browse all album releases.

All told, Album Reminder is the easiest way to keep up with the fast and furious world of music. Sign up, and never miss another great album release.

Album Reminder | @albumreminder