@TED: The Best Way to Spend 20 Minutes Online

I'm going to make today's post a quick one. You should do more worthwhile things online. We all should. And there are few ways to better spend your time than browsing the TED site. Ted began in 1984 with the idea of gathering people of three disciplines: technology, entertainment, and design. In the latter half of the past decade, TED has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon, and boasts some of the most forward-thinking leaders of our times as its presenters. The TED site is an archive of video from presentations given at the conference.

Topics covered are quite broad-ranging, so chances are your interests are covered. So? What are you waiting for? Click on over and get yourself some knowledge. (As a fun bonus, go search YouTube for RSA Animate). Note that there are also mobile apps available, so head to your platform's app store and search for TED to get some knowledge on the go. If you need a good place to start, here's one of my favorites.