@Hunch Movies: Personalized Film Recommendations Done Right

Few could argue against the fact that there is a paradigm shift afoot in the movie industry, the beneficiaries of which, largely, are consumers- everyday joes like you and me that simply want to watch a good film every now and then. Netflix is arguably the most disruptive force in this shift, having a huge library of movies which can be streamed instantly to almost any device for a mere eight bucks a month. Where Netflix often falls short, however, is its recommendation service.

If you've been a Netflix user for awhile, you've probably rated a good many movies, and Netflix uses those ratings to try to recommend other movies you might enjoy. At best, though, the internal recommendation engine is hit-or-miss. Enter Hunch Movies.

Hunch is a recommendation engine in the broadest sense of the term, but we won't get into that here. We're interested in the newly-released Hunch Movies, which imports and scans your existing Netflix ratings to recommend your next movie. This, to most, is a huge advantage over other movie recommendation engines which can't import ratings, meaning you have to go through (in my case) hundreds of ratings to get to your recommended movies.

Sign up, give the app access to your Netflix account (you'll have to log in to Netflix, of course), and let Hunch analyze your movie tastes. It will then present your recommendations in a grid view. The beauty of this interface is in the filter mechanism at the top of the page, allowing you to filter your recommendations based on what's playing on Netflix Instant, available on iTunes or Amazon Instant, or even those still playing in theaters. You can then narrow your results even further using a sliding timeline or by rating.

Hovering on one of your recommendations will give you a few more options, allowing you to:

  • tell you how well Hunch thinks you'll enjoy the movie (based on the standard five-star system)
  • rate the movie yourself or tell Hunch that you're not interested if you've already seen that film
  • view more details about the movie on Fandango
  • bookmark the movie for later, or, if it's a Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes movie, click on the movie title to go to the respective service's movie page.

All in all, Hunch Movies is a welcome addition to the movie recommendation game that, frankly, could use a bit of innovation. By keeping it simple while still packing an impressive feature set, they get the Sssimpli seal of approval.

Hunch Movies | @hunch