@SocialScope's 'AlphaScope' Streamlines Social on Android

Socialscope began as a Blackberry app for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Foursquare and soon became the Blackberry social media app among design-focused, simplicity-craving Blackberry social media users. Upon realizing that Blackberry is dying, the SocialScope developers began work on an Android client, eventually dubbing it AlphaScope (the client is still in its alpha phase).

The biggest draw to AlphaScope is its handling of multiple social networks, smoothly integrating all (or at least most) of your social activity into one beautiful app. Rather than installing four or five separate applications, users can handle all their accounts from one interface. This is especially useful for users like me, who have come to despise Facebook's official offerings, which tend to be bloated, confusing, and cluttered. Note that, as of this writing, multiple Twitter accounts are not supported, but I would expect that to change shortly, as the SocialScope devs update the app on a consistent basis.

So, let's get to the app.

Loading the app initially presents you with the home view, allowing you to navigate to specific timelines (all activity, photos, videos, notifications, etc):

The timeline view is cleanly designed and responsive, although (at this time) lacks theme support and customization options like font resizing, though that, too, I would expect to change, if the Blackberry app was any indication:

In the bottom right corner of the screen, you'll see an icon depicting the specific timeline you're viewing. Clicking on that icon allows you to switch between timelines. (The AlphaScope view presents all feeds in one view). Swipe left and right to navigate:

Clicking on the "compose" icon presents you with four options: post an update, post a photo from the gallery or take a snapshot with your phone's camera, or check in using a location service like Facebook or Foursquare:

Tapping on a single update presents you with the singular view of that update, including one of AlphaScope's greatest features: a built-in conversation mode, allowing you to view responses to a particular Tweet, or, in Facebook's case, comments:

Media is also displayed inline in the timeline or the singular view:

Clicking a user's profile presents you with their stats, bio, etc, and gives you a few more options to mention, block, mute (my favorite feature), or report an account as spam:

All things considered, AlphaScope is far and away Sssimpli's favorite social media app for Android phones. It's simple, well-designed, feature-filled, and because it's still in alpha with a fairly active developer community, it will only get better. Note that the alpha status also means you might encounter a bug every now and again, but the most serious thing that I've noticed is the timeline backtracking on itself by an hour or so. The app is in private beta, but we've got a few invites. To get your hands one one, leave a comment with your Twitter handle below or give us a heads up on Twitter.

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