@Wantful: Gift-Giving, Beautifully Reinvented

The web is still, to date, largely a world of its own, detached from the day-to-day activities that comprise our lives. Unless you work on the web, it can feel as if you are indeed living two lives- one physical, one digital. The brilliance of the age we live in begins where these two worlds intersect: where applications can be used to better our physical world, our very lives, rather than residing in a bubble on the web, like your email, your task list, or your favorite news site.

Wantful is an app that takes the former approach. The startup aims to tackle gift-giving, long a curious and often confusing enterprise, and where it succeeds beautifully is in turning gift-giving on its head. The effect of Wantful on gift givers and receivers is to reintroduce the awe factor to the process. Here’s how it works:

Begin by selecting the occasion, the gift recipient (if you connect your Facebook account, you can choose from your friends list and send the notification via Facebook), the recipient’s gender, and his or her relationship to you.

Next, Wantful will ask a few photo-guided questions to get a sense of what type of gifts your recipient will enjoy:

When you’re finished, Wantful will present you with a list of tailored list of items:

Choose sixteen options from a wonderful selection, or let Wantful choose for you, narrow down the price on a sliding scale, and your chosen items will be added to a personalized book to be delivered to your recipient via postal service (to you or to them), Facebook, or email. Enter a personalized message, hoose a cover, a shipping method, and enter your payment details, and Wantful creates a gorgeous, personalized mini-catalogue and sends it off. When it’s received, the object of your thoughtfulness will choose the gift they most adore, and Wantful will send it straight to them.

 The entire process heightens the anticipation in both you and the gifted, and adds a very elegant, personal touch to the entire gift-giving process. Your friend/ cousin/ spouse, etc, will undoubtedly be touched by your thoughtfulness, and you never have to set foot in a mall. Happy gifting.

Wantful | @wantful