@Quietube Eliminates Clutter from Web Videos

The web, of course, is inundated with distractions, and web videos may be the worst offender. Quietube is a single-purpose utility that does one thing, and does it well: it removes clutter from Vimeo, Viddler, and YouTube videos, presenting each video in a clean, beautiful interface. Take a look: 


That's it. To use Quietube, visit the homepage and drag the bookmarklet to your browser's bookmarks bar, or install the Greasemonkey script or the Google Chrome extension to make all videos from these three services automatically redirect to the Quietube version. Note that if the video is copyrighted, or the uploader has disabled embedding, you'll need to click on "Original Page" to view the video on the original site. Next to that option, there's also an option to change the white background to black, or get a short url to share the video on social media. 

Quietube | @quietube