Combine @Ifttt and @Evernote for the Ultimate Mobile Database

One of the more pleasing side effects of the modern web is the synchronousness of your data. Most modern web and desktop apps give you access to your data when you’re on the go in the form of a mobile app. This tendency is a life saver for many of us- when you take a note on your desktop, you can immediately access it on the go. If you upload a photo to Facebook, you can find it on your phone. Links, text, photos, videos, music- it’s all there for you.

What if you wanted to combine all of that data into one easily accessible database? With Evernote and Ifttt, you can.

I’ve been on both sides of the fence with Evernote. On one hand, I’m not quite sure what it wants to be. They say they want to be my second brain. Great... but what do I put in it? It’s too clunky for quick, disposable note-taking (for that, I use Fetchnotes). Being the Swiss Army knife of web apps, it simply does too much of everything to do any one thing well.

Of course, that very capability is what makes Evernote the perfect anything-and-everything database. Using it in combination with Ifttt, you can send almost all of your important online activity to Evernote for quick on-the-go access with minimal effort once you set it up.

Want to send all of your tagged photos from Facebook or Picasa into Evernote? There’s a recipe for that. Want to quickly access all of your favorited tweets? There’s a recipe for that. Quick access to the items that match a Craigslist result? That video you just put into Pocket? The piece you just posted to your blog? The article you favorited in Readability or Instapaper? The link you posted to Pinboard or Delicious? Instagram photos? Liked YouTube videos? Yep: with Ifttt, you can automatically send all of these items to your Evernote account, then easily access them via the Android or iOS widget. The Evernote mobile app is, arguably, where the team shines. It’s fast, easy, and the widget puts everything at your fingertips in record speed.

Of course, the opposite is true, too: most anything you do on your phone can be saved to Evernote for later access on your desktop or laptop via the web or desktop Evernote apps.

For even more automated data, check out Evernote Trunk: a plethora of apps for mobile, desktop, and web as well as many devices that further enhance the usefulness of the Evernote ecosystem.

If you don’t have an account already, head on over to the Evernote and Ifttt pages to sign up, then download the Evernote mobile app, then check out the Ifttt Recipes page to get an idea of all the actions you can use to send your data to Evernote. Once you’re set up, you’ll have the ultimate personal database in your pocket.

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