@Gojee Makes Finding Dinner and Drinks a Delight

Dinner is a lost art. Food preparation is not only comparable to traditional arts in terms of creativity (when done correctly), but it also rivals other arts in its capacity to satisfy its creator. Few things are more fulfilling than preparing a truly delectable meal for your family (or just for you).

Gojee applies the same delight to the process of finding what’s for dinner in the first place. Sign up, log in, and you’re immediately immersed in fullscreen culinary goodness. Click the arrows to the left or right to browse recipes:

... or narrow them down by entering an ingredient that you’re craving:

... then click on the summary to see the recipe’s details:

You can also view the recipe on its original site with Gojee’s toolbar visible to favorite or share your find via email or various social networks.

The kicker? Gojee also works with drinks:

Gojee combines a great design and seamless experience to create a very pleasing aesthetic that makes the eternal what’s for dinner? question a pleasure to answer.

Gojee | @gojee