@ElectNext May be the Future of Democracy

Democracy is a delicate and fragile thing. Winston Churchill perhaps it best, famously declaring “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” Democracy can put an unprecedented amount of power into the hands of the people. For that to be a successful endeavor, the people must be educated on the issues of the day- the enemy of democracy is an uneducated populace. So, once you educate yourself, how do you know which political candidate best reflects your values? The media is becoming an increasingly unreliable source.

Enter ElectNext. ElectNext brings with it a simple mission: to make you a more informed voter. The approach is equally simple: answer some questions about the issues of the day, and ElectNext will present you with the candidates that most closely reflect your stances.

Begin by answering a few questions, rating each on the typical scale ranging from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree.”

Questions are divided into categories, such as immigration, foreign policy, gay rights, etc. Select a topic that matters to you by choosing it from the right sidebar, or see an overview of all topics by selecting “issues” from the top toolbar...

... and ElectNext will begin the process. When you’ve provided enough information, ElectNext will present your candidates, along with how closely they align with your values, displayed in percentage format:

Presidential candidates are presented first, followed by senatorial candidates in your state, then candidates for the House of Representatives, again in your state. Clicking the “see why” button below a candidate will present a comparison of your values and the candidate’s.

Next to each candidate are ways to get involved, by donating, joining a mailing list, etc, although it looks like most of these buttons have “not yet been activated” by the candidate.

If ElectNext is successful, the result will be a more educated voter, and an educated voter is the sole means to a more prosperous democracy.

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