@ShoFlowApp: Track Your Favorite Shows with Ease

The argument has been made that passive media (television) is much less healthy for our minds than the interactive media that the web and various apps have come to embody. This argument tends to boil down to an oversimplification, however, and there remains a kaleidoscope of stimulating entertainment passing through the tried-and-true airwaves of your TV. ShoFlow would like to ensure that you never miss a dose of your favorites.

ShoFlow, as most useful apps tend to, arose from a simple but unfulfilled need. As Sean Oliver, co-founder and CEO puts it:

The concept for Shoflow came about in the summer of 2011, when we began to see the usual seasonal ads for the upcoming fall lineup. When we got excited about a show, the only call to action was an ambiguous “coming soon,” and we were frustrated that there was no easy way to remember one of these shows other than relying on our own faulty and short-lived memory.

After signing up, head to the “shows” tab to look for your favorites. Directly below them is an option to “plug in”, which will tell ShoFlow that you’d like to track new episodes of these shows.

You can view details of a show by hovering over its thumbnail.

Clicking on the thumbnail will present you with the show’s page, where you can view details on the latest episodes, or the show itself.

Once you’ve selected all the shows you’d like to keep track of, going to your “flow” will give you an overview of your selections, giving you some quick info like the next air date, whether the show is currently airing or on hiatus, and even where you can watch the latest episode online.

From the flow page, you can remove a show from your watch list (”unplug”), click “settings” to tell ShoFlow which episodes to remind you of (new episodes, premieres only, default, or none), and when a new episode is about to air, ShoFlow will send you a quick email reminder:

ShoFlow integrates well into the social paradigm, allowing you to follow other users who share similar tastes to see what they’re watching. Users can also recommend shows directly to you, and clicking on your showbox presents an overview of what your friends think you might enjoy, providing a bit of a human-powered recommendation engine for TV. Fortunately, the social aspects don’t overpower the most important aspect of the app, which is simply keeping track of the shows you already watch.

Overall, ShoFlow is quite unique in its ability to remind you when your favorite shows are about to air while maintaining a refreshingly simple, beautiful, and easy-to-use interface.

ShowFlo | @shoflowapp