@1000Memories: Your Analog Past Meets Your Digital Present

If you were born more than a quarter-century ago, chances are you have some old photos lying around. For those of you under twenty-five: by “photos,” I mean the physical kind that you can hold in your hand, not the Facebook variety. Back in the day, taking a photo meant filling up a roll of film, taking it to a brick-and-mortar store to be developed, then picking up your memories at a later date.

Some of those photos made their way into a scrapbook, a lucky few got framed for display, and the rest usually ended up in a shoebox.

There’s now a new home for your old Polaroids. A new shoebox, if you will.

Shoebox wants to play home to your physical photo collection. The idea, as is customary here on Sssimpli, is simple: download the mobile app, scan your old photos in, and put them in “shoeboxes” in the cloud, backed up and always accessible from the nearest web-enabled device. It sounds like a great idea, so long as the execution is as simple as the concept.

The initial presentation is quite welcoming, the UI well-crafted, making Shoebox a pleasure to use right out of the box (no pun intended). After firing it up and logging in, click the scan button to add a new photo by taking a picture of it. Once finished, you’ll get an opportunity to crop the photo with quite meticulous precision:

Add some details, and decide whether the photo should be public or private:

... and finally, choose a Shoebox (a collection) to add the photo to, or create a new one:

When you log into your Shoebox account online, you’ll see your collections in the same clean, uncluttered interface:

From here, you can invite others to collaborate on a particular Shoebox (you can also do this in the mobile app), so if Aunt May has some pictures from that trip to King’s Island in ‘85, they can all end up in one place in the cloud. You can also import existing photos from Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram from the web app.

There’s also a “family tree” feature in the web version, but it’s unclear how to edit any of the information contained therein.

Lastly, what modern app would be complete without a social element? The “explore” option on both the web and mobile apps allow you to browse others’ photos, provided that they’ve opted to make them public.

All in all, Shoebox solves one simple problem (finding an online home for your old photos), elegantly performs its function, and provides ubiquitous access via web and mobile devices. If you have an old shoebox of photos lying around, they’ve just found a new home. It's also worth noting that, as the About page points out, Shoebox is "funded by some of the world’s leading investors," meaning they're less likely to go away, leaving your treasured memories in digital limbo.

Shoebox from 1000Memories | @1000memories