DayStack Beautifully Streamlines Your Daily Agenda

The search for the ultimate productivity tool/ setup seems never-ending. Every day, another app comes along that promises to decrease friction and increase output. Few make good on these claims. Ultimately, there are two rules of thumb to live by in this arena: use what works for you, and keep things as simple as possible.

DayStack brings a new level of simplicity to planning your day. It’s a very simple web-based day manager. The focus is on two things: notes and tasks. A simple calendar rests in the sidebar, and upon logging in, you’ll be presented with your task list for the day.

Hovering over a task presents the option to move it within the list, to another day, delete it, or set a reminder. To view another day’s tasks, simply navigate to that day via the calendar and click on it.

The notes function is equally minimalist and friction-free. Your notes list resides on the left sidebar, with an option above to add a new note, and an option below to search all of your existing notes.

Hovering over a note’s title gives you the option to email the note, delete it, or share it via a unique url.

Those two things- notes and tasks- are the extent of DayStack’s focus on features. How they handle those features, however, is beautifully frictionless and intuitive. Every time a change is made, it’s auto-saved. Notes are stored in plain text, the advantages of which are plentiful, and which means you can export all of your data into a format that almost any lightweight program, on any platform, can handle. You can add a mobile number to receive reminders on your phone. Daystack even remembers the position of your cursor when you exit a note, and puts it right back where you left off the next time you open it. Built-in keyboard shortcuts and very fast search round out the impressive features driven by an aggressive attention to detail.

Daystack, in creator Carlos Foster’s own words, does not seek to “replace Outlook or even Backpack.” Instead, the goal was to make Daystack fast, flexible, and useful, and Foster has succeeded.

Daystack is available for a free fifteen-day trial, after which two plan options are given: 100 notes for $9 per month, or 300 notes for $19 per month. Both options include unlimited tasks and reminders, SSL connection for added security, and daily backup.

Is Daystack enticing enough to make you drop your current day planning method? With a beautiful interface and extensive eye for detail, it very well could- as long as you don’t need access on the go (or, at least, are okay with exporting your data before you leave your desk).

DayStack is the first major project of LeadTiger, a web development shop in NYC, led by Carlos Foster.