is the Front Page of Twitter

Reddit is the front page of the internet, but for many of us, the internet is Twitter... so what’s the front page of Twitter?

Twitter’s own “discover” tab will show you what’s trending, but clicking on the hashtags (of which there are only three) will give you the latest, not the most relevant tweets.

Enter Currently, the new front page of Twitter. The app displays a clean view of the top stories on Twitter, with the topics themselves listed in a sidebar, and tweets on the topic displayed below a relevant photo. By default, a only a few tweets are shown, so you can scroll through each topic quickly, but you can expand the topic to see more content. Built-in controls allow you to reply to, retweet, or favorite the tweet without leaving If you know what you’re looking for, clicking the topic in the sidebar takes you directly to that topic in the stream.

To dig into a topic, just click on it and you’ll unearth some more info, like related events and the Twitter users most mentioned in that topic.

Bottom Line is what it says it is: a front page for Twitter. If Twitter’s built-in discovery tool just doesn’t do it for you, is well worth your time. At the moment, the app is available in your browser and for iPhone (let’s hope an Android version is forthcoming).