Add to Your Tumblr Queue by Default with this Userscript

There are a seemingly infinite number of ways to share the page you're browsing- browser extensions, baked-in sharing buttons on a particular site, or, my personal favorite, bookmarklets.

For those of you who share to Tumblr often, there's a good chance many of you use the bookmarklet, which works very well. It's fast, simple, and gives you a few additional options, like sharing the post on Twitter or adding it to your queue. Queueing, for those unfamiliar, simply spreads out your posts, publishing them at predetermined times so as not to flood your followers with an avalanche of back-to-back posts, Buffer style. At this point in the social game, spreading your posts out is just common courtesy.

Tumblr's sharing bookmarklet publishes posts immediately by default, making you switch to the "advanced" tab, click a drop-down menu, and select "add to queue" to queue your posts. If you share on Tumblr often, that's a lot of unnecessary effort, thanks to a simple userscript. Installing the userscript in Greasemonkey for Firefox or TamperMonkey for Chrome eliminates those extra clicks, making adding items to your queue the default action of both the bookmarklet and the Tumblr website itself.

Get it here.