Attach Dropbox Files, Evernote Notes, and More to Emails with Cloudy {#Chrome}

Until recently, the process of attaching files to emails was, essentially, the same as it was a decade ago. A few enterprising attempts were made to simplify the process, most notably by implementing drag-and-drop. That simplified the process a bit, but today drag-and-drop is more of a standard than a novelty.

Not long after the arrival of Google Drive, Google began to allow directly inserting Drive files into Gmail. Not everyone uses Drive, though, and even if you do, chances are you've got many files sprinkled over many other services.

Cloudy is a Google Chrome extension that, once installed, allows you to attach files from nearly any cloud service to a Gmail message.

Once you install the extension, click the toolbar icon to tell Cloudy which services you'd like to use. The list of supported services is pretty impressive: Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Flickr, even Facebook and Instagram. All are enabled by default, but if there are any you don't want to use, drag them over to the right column to disable them.

Now, when you compose a Gmail message, a new icon appears in the bottom bar of the email. It works very similarly to the afore-mentioned Drive feature. Just click the icon, select the service, and (once you've connected the account in question to Cloudy), browse for your file.

You can attach multiple files, and Gmail will treat them in the same way as traditional attachments: you'll see a list of every attachment in the compose window.

It's all pretty straightforward. The recipient (in my tests) will not notice much of a difference from a standard attached file. For those who use many other services, Cloudy makes sending files to others — without the need to download, then upload the files — a breeze.

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