For Feelings: Because You Don't "Like" Everything

If you share things on the web, url shorteners have become par for the course. This was necessitated, of course, by Twitter, where every chacter counts when sending your message. Url shorteners ensure that the bulk of your 140 characters isn't used by the address you're trying to share.

Since their inception, though, url shorteners haven't evolved much. You take a link, shorten it, and move on., the most popular url shortener, wants to change that with Bitly for feelings. for feelings does what url shorteners previously couldn't do: it attaches an emotion to the links you share. Ever shared a link to something that infuriated you? It's a bit unsatisfying to simply post the link and let that be that. With for feelings, you can let your followers know just how you feel about that link before they open it.

Here's how it works. Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar as you would any other bookmarklet. When you get to a site you want to share, just click the bookmarklet, then select from the available emotions.

  • Huh?!? shows up as
  • Against:
  • Wowza:
  • Like:
  • Love:
  • LOL:
  • Want:
  • Scary:
  • Hate:

Then, just copy the url and share it to your social network of choice. Since this is, if you're signed in, every link you shorten is saved to your account and available to bundle or further organize through your account.

This is one of those features that, while small, can make a big difference in your online habits. The web is filled with sterility, and it's notoriously difficult to convey the proper context in which you share a link. for feelings goes a long way in making the web a more accurate reflection of the people who inhabit it. for Feelings

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