BlankonBlank Breathes New Life into Timeless Interviews {#Spotlight}

Celebrity interviews are a staple of modern culture, and their quality can vary pretty wildly. Petty and ultimately pointless interviews are everywhere, but when the ingredients are all there—a skilled interviewer, an intriguing subject, and just the right amount of magic between the two—the result can be amazing.

And sometimes those amazing results somehow get buried, nearly lost. Thankfully, when that happens, BlankonBlank resurrects those lost interviews, remixes them with superb editing, music, and animation, and then releases them into the wild.

BlankonBlank is a nonprofit founded by David Gerlach, a former ABC News producer who believes that the future of storytelling is "remixing the archives." Gerlach has put together an all-star cast of contributors, such as former New York Times columnist Mary-Lou Weisman and poet Allen Ginsberg. Gerlach starts with the interviewers' raw material, then remixes them in such a way that adds an element of new life to the interviews while still keeping the interviewees' message front and center.

Interviews include gems like David Foster Wallace on ambition, Kurt Cobain on identity, and Maurice Sendak on being a kid.

BlankonBlank recently partnered with PBS, and you can see the resulting interviews directly on the site, or you can follow along on the YouTube channel. There's also a newsletter and a podcast, so you can catch the interviews in your inbox or on iTunes (or, if iTunes isn't your thing, you can grab the audio from SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, and a few others here).

Bottom Line

BlankonBlank is a treasure. There are so many exellent interviews here, it's easy to get lost down this rabbit hole. You've been warned.

BlankonBlank | @blankonblank