Use This Hack as a Makeshift Firefox Mobile Widget {#Android}

Though most Android users tend to use Chrome as their mobile browser of choice, Firefox has quite a few things going for it, and it's gained more polish and features of late.

One advantage Chrome has over Firefox, though, is a homescreen widget, which displays bookmarks in a handy grid view, making access to your favorite sites incredibly easy. Firefox users can long-press a url in the homescreen/ new tab page to add it to their homescreen, but that only adds an icon shortcut- Chrome's widget is scrollable, and even allows access to desktop bookmarks.

Unbeknownst to many, though, is the fact that Chrome's widget can be used with any browser. Like any other action that opens a browser on Android, clicking a bookmark in Chrome's widget will initially show a popup asking which browser you want to open the link in. Choosing Firefox in that popup, then, allows you to use the Chrome widget to open bookmarks in Firefox (or any other browser, for that matter).

The only problem is that your bookmarks from Firefox won't sync with the widget. That can be solved by using Xmarks to sync your bookmarks across browsers. Truth be told, Xmarks is a better sync solution than Firefox's built-in sync, anyway, which tends to be buggy and lag far behind Chrome's built-in sync. Xmarks can even sync history, open tabs, and more in addition to syncing bookmarks. The only caveat is that you'll need to fork over $12 a year for mobile access to Xmarks, which is built into Lastpass's premium offering.

Bottom Line

It's not a perfect solution, but until Firefox offers a true desktop widget (and fixes its frustrating sync platform), it's an easy way to browse Firefox bookmarks through the comfort of a homescreen widget.