@CaesuraLetters: Brilliant Insights in Your Inbox

The web is a place for writers. It is the modern equivalent of the fabled cafe in which the greatest minds and writers would congregate to discuss the ideas that would shape the world.

It is the medium which gives voice to the great writers of our time. It is also the place for... well, everyone else.

One of the more maddening aspects of today’s web is sifting through the cruft to find the truly unique voices, the masters of their craft.

James Shelley is such a voice. Since stumbling upon jamesshelley.net perhaps two years ago, I’ve never missed a post. Shelley is truly a master wordsmith, carefully crafting language into a thing beautiful to behold.

Now, Shelley offers us his lyrical musings on life, technology, citizenship and more in the Caesura Letters. Originally available only in email format, Caesura Letters is now a full-fledged magazine available in paperback or ebook format, both delivered quarterly, or as a daily email.

Each issue — or email — is crafted with the care and meticulousness of a fourth-generation blacksmith, and contains Shelley’s hallmark blend of insatiable curiosity and elegant prose.

It is, it feels safe to say, the greatest gift you can give your inbox, so head on over and support one of the greatest publications on the web. Consider it an early birthday present to yourself.

Caesura Letters | @caesuraletters

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