@CarbonAndroid: The Most Highly-Anticipated Android Twitter App is Here

Search the Google Play Store for Twitter apps and you’re likely to feel a bit overwhelmed by the results. Some are well-designed, some have great functionality for power users, some are sleek and fast.

Carbon for Android is all of these things and more.

Originally a webOS app, the Android port has been a long time coming, and its imminent arrival on Android has come with a great amount of fanfare. The app’s developer originally announced a release date of last year, but held off due to what he felt was an inadequate user experience. The reaction from the web at large was, to say the least, mixed. Some understood quite well that the developer was holding himself to a higher standard. Some threw their proverbial stones as the developer failed to deliver on his self-imposed release date.

Either way, the wait is over. The app has finally been released to the Play Store, and it seems that it was well worth the wait.

Among its impressive feature set is multiple account support (which is crucial for some power users), in-line media previews, simple gesture swiping (left and right) between timeline, replies, and messages view, and plenty more. The first thing you’ll notice, though, is the impressive design.

While scrolling through your timeline, there are two options for interacting with tweets: long-press to show a reply/retweet/quote/favorite overlay, or short-press to view the tweet in its entirety with more options.

Conversations are embedded into the bottom of the full view (you can swipe up to see the entire conversation).

From the timeline view, only two options are in view along the bottom of the app: compose a new tweet or access more options. Pressing the overflow button (the three dots) overlays a menu to access favorites, lists, trends, search, filters, and settings.

The profile view is equally useful (and striking).

The experience of many apps translates well via screenshots. This is not one of those apps. It is best experienced first-hand, so head over to the Play Store and grab the most hotly-anticipated Twitter app Android has ever seen.

Note that tablet support is not yet included, but it does seem to be in the pipeline.

Carbon for Android | @carbonandroid

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