Add Filters to Twitter's Web Interface with this Chrome Extension

One of the main reasons cited for use of third-party mobile Twitter clients is the filtering feature. Some users you simply don't want to hear from, and some events dominate your timeline for days on end, so it's incredibly helpful to simply block out the noise for a time. Options on the desktop aren't as prevalent as their mobile counterparts, though.

If you use Twitter's own web client on Chrome, Clarion will provide the basic filtering functionality you need.

Using Clarion couldn't be simpler. Install, open the options, and enter the users or keywords you want to block. It also hides promoted tweets.

Clarion can hide ads on Facebook, too, in an option that's enabled by default.

Bottom Line

If you use Twitter, sometimes filtering is just a must-have feature. If you miss the feature on your desktop, Clarion will do the job elegantly.