Cortex is the Fastest Way to Share Anything {#Chrome}

When you come across a good article, a beautiful photo, a thought-provoking video online, sometimes you just want to share it with the world.

Most sites have built-in sharing buttons. Some browsers have built-in tools for sharing, and a plethora of browser extensions and bookmarklets exist that would serve the purpose.

None do the job as quickly, or as elegantly, as Cortex.

Cortex is a Google Chrome extension that, once installed, makes sharing a seamless process. Download the extension, then connect the accounts you’d like to share to (currently Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instapaper, and Pocket), and you're ready to go.

Just hold down your left mouse button for a second or so, and the Cortex overlay appears. Drag your cursor to the service you’d like to share with, optionally add a comment, and press enter. That’s it. Total elapsed time from initiation to done is about two seconds. Nothing, to my knowledge, works faster.

Cortex is Chrome only, it doesn’t look like that’s about to change anytime soon.


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