Currently is a Beautiful and Simple New Tab Replacement for Chrome

Opening a new tab in your web browser is a pretty boring endeavor, but it can have a profound effect on your browsing habits. If you use a page populated with a lot of your favorite sites, the one-click access can save a bit of time throughout the day, but it can also be a breeding ground for distraction. Open a new tab to look up a specific item, see the shiny Twitter logo shining back at you, and waste the next thirty minutes. Sound familiar?

To solve that dilemma, many power users use a blank new tab page. Blank tabs require you to make a conscious decision about where you'd like to go, eliminating the allure of all those frequented sites that you haven't checked in the last hour. For some, though, it's a bit too simple. Enter Currently.

Currently replaces Google Chrome's new tab page with a clock and a weather forecast. Nothing more, nothing less:

A dark theme and a blue theme are also available via the settings page: 

The settings tab also allows you to change location, 12/24 hour clock formats, and animation and seconds toggles. 

Similar new tab pages tend to come with common problems: while they're great at blocking distractions, sometimes you actually need to get to Chrome's built-in new tab page to access, say, a Chrome app. Currently gives you access to settings and Chrome's new tab page via buttons in the bottom right corner. It also puts the cursor in Chrome's omnibar, so there's no need to click into it to go straight to a site or perform a search. 

Currently is dead simple, gorgeous, and useful. It's built by Henry Modisett and Vitaly Babiy. Go get it on the Chrome Web Store.