DBInbox: an Inbox for your Dropbox

I love simple solutions, and I love Dropbox. I really love simple solutions created with Dropbox.

I've often been surprised, when I try to find a simple solution to file-sharing, that, while many options exist, none have taken off. Most existing solutions use their own platform, meaning that every necessary party must have signed up for the service to utilize it. The big guys, like Google Drive, include simple file-sharing capabilities, but it's often not very convenient if you're trying to share a file that doesn't already exist on GDrive. In some way, most current platforms fall short, especially when trying to share files between non-tech-savvy friends.

It's usually a paradox of choice: you use the service that the person you're trying to share a file with is most likely to use. That may be email, or IM, or Dropmark... the list goes on.

DBInbox may be the solution. It's a simple service which acts as an inbox for your Dropbox account.

Nearly everyone already uses Dropbox, so it renders the universality problem almost moot. It's dead simple, too: just sign up and grab your unique url, and from that point on, anyone with that link can send you a file, which shows up in your "Inbox" folder that will appear in Dropbox after you link your account. Even your technically-challenged friends and family can use it, too. Once they click on the link, all they need to do is drag and drop the files they want to share.

No need for further sign-ins or a paradox of choice. To make it super easy, try adding your unique DBInbox link in your email signature. That way, everyone you email will already have the ability to send you files, with no further effort needed on your part. Problem solved.

Hat tip to onethingwell.

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