Delivereads Sends Carefully Curated Content Directly to Your Kindle

If you have a Kindle, you know that the revolutionary device is the best way to read ebooks. Unlike with tablets or phones, it takes considerable effort to immediately share what you read on social networks. In fact, there are very few things you can do with the content besides reading... and that's the joy of it. When you grab your Kindle, you're monotasking. You're telling your brain that you're here to read, and nothing else.

Kindles can be used for so much more than books, though. If you're an Instapaper user, you can have your queue sent directly to your Kindle every week. Readability users can do the same (although only on a daily basis). Each of those services, too, have bookmarklets available to send content directly to your Kindle, a service replicated by Amazon's own Send to Kindle apps.

Each of these services are great when you find content that you want to devote your time and attention to.

What if you want a little serendipity in your reading routine? A concise collection of carefully curated content that you may not have found otherwise? We all have our trusted sources, of course, but they come mostly in the form of websites or apps. You could get that content onto your Kindle without much difficulty, but what if you wanted to cut out the middleman?

Dave Pell feels your pain. I've written about Dave before- he's the brain behind NextDraft, a wonderful way to simplify your morning routine. One of Dave's lesser-known endeavors is Delivereads.

The service is fantastically simple. Give Delivereads your Kindle email address, add the service to your list of approved document senders, and every week, a collection of articles will be sent directly to your Kindle without you having had to lift a finger.

Of course, the convenience is nothing without quality content, but Delivereads... well, delivers. For example, here's a list of this week's reads:

  1. The Caging of America (New Yorker)
  2. The Man Who Broke Atlantic City (The Atlantic)
  3. Schemes of My Father (GQ)
  4. Thank You For Attempting to Unsubscribe (McSweeney's)

Digests tend to be sent out every week or so, but don't hold Dave to that.


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