@DesktopprApp Is a Wallpaper Lover's Dream {#Web}

Geeks (or, if you prefer, power users) often require more tinkering, more customization than the average computer or web user. Most of my friends and family are perfectly happy with the wallpaper that’s graced their desktop for the past two years. We tinkerers require constant change, and that includes wallpapers.

Finding new wallpapers can be a pain. I often utilize sites like DeviantArt or Wallpapers Wide, or use Google Images to search for a specific type of wallpaper.

With Desktoppr, my wallpaper search has been not only massively simplified, but has become much more enjoyable. Instead of focusing on original works, Desktoppr allows users to simply collect all their favorite wallpapers in one place. Users can then follow others who share their taste in desktop backgrounds, so logging in and finding a wallpaper to your liking no longer feels like finding a needle in a haystack.

The kicker is Desktoppr’s brilliant Dropbox integration. While browsing wallpapers, simply click on the cloud icon underneath to automatically sync the wallpaper to your Dropbox folder (after you grant Desktoppr permission to access your Dropbox account, of course). The result is that there’s no need to even download the wallpaper to your computer. Click the cloud, and you have it.

Any wallpaper you sync shows up in your profile feed, so users who follow you can see what great taste you have simply by following your profile.

Desktoppr makes finding wallpapers drop dead simple, easy, and even a bit of fun. Happy customizing.

Here is a link to my profile to get you started.

Desktoppr | @desktopprapp

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