Don't Have Facebook's New Design? Get it Now with this Extension {#Chrome}

Facebook's latest redesign, simply dubbed News Feed, is a pretty striking one. Instead of focusing on relatively small iterations as in the past, the News Feed redesign changes the entire Facebook experience, putting a focus on content and big, bold pictures. It also brings the desktop interface much more in line with the mobile interface, creating a consistent experience across platforms.

That's not an accident. Facebook went on a huge designer hiring spree awhile back, and News Feed is the direct result. Those designers have been hard at work, and it shows with News Feed. That's the good news.

The bad news is that the rollout of the new design is the slowest in the history of anything, ever (exaggerating, but not really). So how do you get it? First, make sure you're signed up (scroll all the way to bottom of the page to put yourself on the list). Then, install this extension for Chrome to overhaul your Facebook experience to mimic the new layout. Sorry, Firefox and Safari users- you'll have to wait it out.

There are a few bugs in the layout, like text occasionally overflowing past its frame, but overall, the extension looks and feels like the real thing. Take a look.

The difference is drastic. Even the hoverable sidebar is there.

It's a minor change, really; just a visual makeover. It makes a big difference in the overall Facebook experience, though. If you're still waiting for the redesign to roll out to you,this is a quick, easy answer.

New Facebook News Feed