DoubleTwist Enters the Streaming Music Scene {#Android}

As with most corners of the Android (Google Play) market, the streaming music scene is getting crowded. No company, as yet, seems to hit the sweet spot, though.

Spotify seems to be the most popular, but some are put off by it. The Android app is unintuitive, and some don't listen to enough music to justify the premium price tag. Slacker has its devotees, but seems to fall short of its closest Rival, Pandora. Both apps also suffer from only being a streaming service. More and more users are demanding access to their already-populated personal library. Currently, you'd have to use Pandora in conjunction with another service to get that.

Rumors have circulated lately concerning Google's entry into streaming, but all is speculation at this point (there's little doubt that they will release a streaming service; the speculation concerns what the release will look like).

Then there's iTunes, which, of course, is not available on Android.

Regardless, there are lots of players in this game. Now, DoubleTwist is among them. The DoubleTwist app is already a lauded one, with over 75,000 ratings on the Play Store and an average of a 4.4 rating. DoubleTwist is a small company in San Francisco that prides itself on making apps that have a 'handcrafted' feel, which is largely the reason for its success. They also make a desktop app, which can sync over the air with an add-on, making it, arguably, the only viable replacement for iTunes. It even handles podcasts remarkably well (so well, in fact, that many see podcasts as DoubleTwist's best feature).

All that's not to mention that the app's design is simply stunning, which is typical of the six DoubleTwist apps currently in the Play Store.

MagicRadio: An infinite playlist of ad-free music. Albums and artists you love

Now, DoubleTwist takes it to the next level by offering a premium streaming service called MagicRadio. That four bucks gives you all that DoubleTwist already has to offer, plus access to a library of over 13 million songs. If you haven't yet given DoubleTwist a chance to become your all-in-one music destination, there's never been a better time. Check out the video below, and if you're intrigued, hit the link below the video to try it out.

DoubleTwist | DoubleTwist with Magic Radio | @doubletwist

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