Drippler Keeps You Informed of the Latest News for all your Gadgets

Tech enthusiasts have always had more than one gadget, and that truth has trickled down to the masses of late. We have Kindles and smartphones and tablets and laptops and... well, you get the idea.

So how do you keep up with all the information floating around the web pertaining to your gadgets? Drippler, that's how.

Drippler is a simple service that allows you to catalog your devices - phones, tablets, MP3 players, gaming systems, even Kindles - and scours the web for information relevant only to the devices you own.

There are mobile apps and a web interface, but the easiest way to keep up is by opting for the weekly email digest.

From the web interface, you can see "My Drips," a stream of news relevant to your devices (or the devices you want), or you can narrow it down to specific categories- phones, MP3 players, etc. You can like or share "drips," mark them as important (data which, presumably, Dripper uses to deliver more relevant) content), flag an article as a duplicate or irrelevant, or mark it as as a favorite. Your favorites can be viewed as a separate stream. You can also order drips by popularity or chronologically.

While the app, on both web and mobile, won't turn any heads, it is rather clean and puts content first.

If you choose to interact with Drippler only via the email digest, it becomes a dead simple and no-fuss way to stay up on what's going on with your devices. If you want a more hands-on approach, the web interface and mobile apps offer enough to keep you satisfied.

Drippler | @drippler

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