Use Markdown in Gmail with this Extension

Markdown is such a beautiful language to write in. Infinitely more functional than plain text, drastically simpler than HTML, and faster than a WYSIWYG editor, it's become a near-standard for anyone who writes on the web.

Most of us, though, spend a significant amount of time writing emails, where Markdown doesn't travel... until you download a simple browser extension.

Markdown Here is a dead simple extension that allows you to write Markdown in Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail (no word on whether it works in the new Simply write your text in Markdown format, select the text without mouse, and right-click to bring up the context menu. Select the "Markdown Toggle" option, and your words will be transformed into the proper format- links will be valid, italics will be italicized, and bullet lists will be bulleted.

The extension isn’t limited to email- it works in many other web editors, like Wordpress and Tumblr, bringing the speed and elegance of Markdown to places it’s never been.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to argue against the value of writing in Markdown, and this simple extension brings that simplicity to email writing- plus, it works in nearly any browser or email client you can throw at it.

Markdown Here