EasyEyez Mitigates the Disastrous Effects of LED Light {#Android}

We all love our gadgets: laptops and iPads and TVs (oh, my!). Our gadgets, though, don't seem to return our love. In fact, they're doing us a great deal of harm, and when we're most vulnerable: during sleep.

The light emitted from our electronic devices contains a particularly pernicious component known as blue wavelengths. Blue wavelengths are quite disruptive to our circadian rhythm (our biological clock), which results in poor sleep. Poor sleep, in turn, can have its own disastrous results: poor performance, of course, but also negative effects to your skin, your overall health, your memory, and even your intelligence.

Ideally, to minimize the effects of our screens on our sleep patterns, experts recommend eliminating exposure to light-emitting devices two to three hours prior to sleep. Pull out your Kindle (whose e-ink screen emits no light, with the exception, of course, of the backlit Kindle), or, better yet, read an actual book (you rememer those- the kind made of paper).

If you must stare at your screen, though (I'm guilty of one last email and Twitter check before bed), EasyEyez can help mitigate the blue wavelength effect by dimming your sreen and giving it a red tint. The result is drastically reduced eye strain and an increase of your body's production of melatonin, ultimately resulting in better sleep.

EasyEyez offers a free and a paid version, which will set you back $1.99, and adds a widget, custom filters, an automatic scheduler, and more. It works for Android 2.1 and up.

EasyEyez / EasyEyez Free

Bonus: f.lux offers the functionality of EasyEyez for your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, or for your iPhone or iPad.

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