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Our brains work in a very visual manner. In fact, most of our reality consists of what we can see. This simple fact is the basis for much of our modern understanding about the brain.

It would follow, then, that getting thoughts or ideas our of our head and onto paper would be a very valuable process, and indeed it is. Most productivity mantras revolve around this idea: get things out of your head and onto paper (or some other medium). Once the ideas are laid out in a visual format, your brain can then reorder and restructure as needed, making sense of the chaos of your mind.

The mindmap is a particularly visual- and therefore particularly effective- productivity tool, turning the visual nature of the brain into the mindmap’s most powerful tool.

The online mindmap has been done before. Many have made the connection between the visual nature of the internet and the visual nature of the brain, seeing the mindmap as the natural link between those two concepts. None, though, have really stuck.

Exobrain may be different. Its forte is simplicity, and the team prides itself on the app’s intuitive nature, so there is virtually no learning curve. Consequently, there’s no barrier between your brain and the ‘paper’- just sit down, get your thoughts out of your head, and do with that information what you will.

There’s really not much more to say about Exobrain, and that, of course, is the point. Once you sign up, you’ll find very few options and very few bells or whistles. It’s this lack of features that makes the web app such a joy to use. Open it, dump your thoughts, and move on.

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