Facebook Spies On You. Here's the Simplest Way to Stop It.

When it comes to privacy, no web entity, to my knowledge, has a more egregious track record than Facebook.

We know that Facebook tracks your activity, and that it doesn't just do so while you're browsing facebook.com, but even when you leave.

We know that logging out isn't enough. Facebook downloads, among other things, cookies onto your web browser to follow you all over the web, meaning that even when you're logged out, Facebook is still tracking your activity in order to sell the data they collect to advertisers.

All those 'like' buttons and Facebook integrations and logins you see all over the web? You guessed it- more tools to track your activity.

The good news? There's a dead-simple way to stop this practice.

Facebook Disconnect is a simple extension for Google Chrome that prevents Facebook from tracking you across the web. Just download, install, and stop worrying. Happy browsing.

I must note that installing this extension does not exempt any of us from doing our due diligence when using web products- especially one with a horrible track record (like Facebook). Install the extension, then educate yourself on Facebook's practices. Keep mindful of the constant policy chances, and keep an eye on the privacy settings inside your account.

Facebook Disconnect

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