Favorite Contacts Widget Puts Your Favorite Contacts at Your Fingertips {#Android}

Few things about your phone are as frustrating as the simple process of finding one of your contacts. If you're like me, your list of contacts has grown quite large over the years, and opening your address book then searching each time you want to contact someone is a pain.

Enter Favorite Contacts Widget.

This is one of those simple apps that does what it says: it puts your favorite contacts in a widget on the homescreen of your Android device.

To use it, just add it as you would any other widgets (there are both 4x1 and 4x2 sizes). Then, select how the widget should choose which contacts to display. It can display your most frequent contacts, your most recent contacts, or it can list contacts by name. You can also choose to display only the contacts you've specifically marked as favorites in your phone's address book.

Now, when you need to contact one of those people, just tap on the icon, and you'll see an overlay with their phone number and various other profiles, like Hangouts, Gmail, or website. These icons are all functional, of course. Tapping the Gmail icon will send that person an email, the Hangouts button starts a Google Hangouts, etc. Or, you can tap their phone number to call them, or the messaging icon to send a text.

Favorite Contacts Widget is a small, light, free addition to your homescreen, but one that make a big difference.

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