Feathers Eliminates Friction Between You and Your Words

How many methods exist to share your thoughts online?

Yes, the question is rhetorical, but when you actually think about the answer, it quickly becomes apparent that the number is mind-boggling.

Follow-up questions: how many of these methods are overly complicated? How many are downright ugly? How many put too many roadblocks between you and your words?

If you answered "too many" to any of the above, Feathers will be a welcome respite.

Feathers does one thing: it allows you to write, quickly and beautifully. It eliminates almost every other extranneous feature.

Once you sign up, you'll see your 'Drafts' page with a couple of example texts. To write something, simply click 'write' and a beautiful fullscreen editor graces your screen.

Just start typing. There are no fonts to change, no option to italicize- nothing but you and a beautiful blank page. Nothing to do but write.

When you're finished, click 'save' to save the current document in your 'Drafts' section, or click 'Publish' to make the document public.

Once you've published a document, send it out to your adoring public via the 'share' button.

That's it, and that's the beauty. Feathe.rs gets out of your way, eliminating any friction between you and your words.

The app is in private beta for now, so head over to sign up.

Feathe.rs | @getfeathers

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