Fifty Foot Shadows Is One of Web Photography's Greatest Treasures {#Spotlight}

Fifty Foot Shadows is one of those sites that I assumed everyone knew about, so I refrained from posting about it. It's been around for awhile, and is so good, so I thought it unlikely that a significant percentage of Sssimpli readers was unfamiliar.

Turns out many people aren't aware, and to those, I say: you're in for a treat.

Fifty Foot Shadows is the site of photographer John Carey, and is "the result of well over 10 years of toying around on the internet." There are many photographers on the web, of web, of course, but Carey brings something incredibly human to his work- probably due in large part to that experimental nature.

Carey's subjects don't fall into a particular category—nature, random objects, and gadgets are all very prevalent—but most are still life shots. Whatever the scene, each shot contains incredible life. There's no glamour, no forced elegance- just the world and its objects, isolated and suspended in a moment in time.

Nor does Carey simply throw up an image and call it a day- he also tells the story, or simply his thought process, behind each image. That's fortunate, because Carey is also a skilled writer.

The combination of all of these things—the photography itself, the writing, the easy downloading, even the site design—make 50 Foot Shadows feel like one of the most deliberate and expertly crafted sites on the web. In short, the whole approach feels very conscious.

Carey regularly packages most of the work into packages that anyone can download to use as wallpaper, and most of the packs include desktop, tablet, and phone versions, too. You can get a good feel for Carey's photography here, but here are a couple of my favorites:

Fifty Foot Shadows