Finally, a Decent Twitter Client for Chrome

I'm a Chrome user. As such, I've searched long and hard over the years for a decent Twitter client for Chrome. I've never found anything to my liking.

There's certainly no shortage of Twitter apps/ extensions for Chrome. Most, though, are simply horrendous to look at, or lack basic functionality, or are riddled with too many bugs.

Apps exist, of course, like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and some relative newcomers. To those who simply want a quick way to check Twitter in a non-intrusive way, an entire browser tab dedicated to Twitter is overkill. Some just want quicker access.

Notifier for Twitter is the first enjoyable extension for Chrome that provides quick access to Twitter in an aesthetically pleasing and seamless way.

Connect your account (multiple accounts are supported), and you're ready to go. The extension, like most other Chrome extensions, puts an icon in your toolbar. Click it to see your timeline, mentions, messages, and profile. Of course, you can also tweet from here, switch accounts, or pop the client out in a separate window to use it as a standalone client.

Open the options page, and you'll notice a few pleasantly surprising features.

You can choose to receive notifications for tweets, mentions, or messages, using Chrome's built-in notifications. You can also choose to enable sticky notifications for mentions or messages, meaning those notifications will stick around until you've seen them.

Growl support for Mac is available as an addon. There's also an option to save your place in the timeline when you close the extension.

It's a simple extension, but a welcome one: useful, non-intrusive, and functional. Head to the Chrome Web Store to get it.

Notifier for Twitter

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