Draft: Finally, a Dropbox-Syncing Text Editor with Folder Support {#Android}

In 2010, Epistle was released, and it's been lauded by many (including me) as the best way to take notes on Android. It syncs with Dropbox, so your notes are waiting in plain text format on your desktop. It's an excellent app, but it is missing two very key functions: folder and Markdown support.

I use Zim to takes notes on my desktop. Zim can be synced with Dropbox, so theoretically, I could sync all my notes across my devices via Dropbox. Zim creates folders and sub-folders, though, so I could only access notes in the main directory of Zim on my phone and tablet.

Draft fixes that. Draft is a simple, beautifully designed text editor that creates a folder in your Dropbox. All notes created in Draft are synced to Dropbox automatically, and you can (if you couldn't guess by now) create folders and sub-folders to organize your notes. That means it's not only a great app for quick notes, but for general writing, too.

Draft also supports the Markdown format, which is becoming a standard format for many writing applications.

The result of these simple additions is a near-perfect app that is stunning in its presentation and flawless in its execution. I've already replaced Evernote with Dropbox as my preferred note-taking system, and Draft makes the setup that much more seamless. It does everything Epistle does, and then some.

Draft is surprisingly easy to write from (I wrote the entire Wonderisms piece posted yesterday from it). I truly can't think of a single knock on this app- the developer seems to have thought of everything. Hit the link below to check it out.

Draft on Google Play

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