Sleep Time: Wake Up Refreshed, Every Morning {#Mobile}

We spend a third of our lives asleep. Many of us, though, aren’t doing it properly. That’s a problem, considering that sleep is more important than food.

We know a few things about sleep. We know that it’s critical to sleep at the same time, every night, to get your body into a certain sleep rhythm. The more regular the schedule, the better your body can guess it, and prepare itself to go into the proper sleep cycle at the proper time.

We know that developing an evening routine further helps your body ‘know’ when it’s time to sleep, that pillows matter, that ingesting anything other than water for three hours prior to sleep is counterproductive.

[Sleep Time] is a mobile app that makes things relatively simple. Simply put, Sleep Time monitors your sleep cycles, then wakes you up at an optimal time (when you’re in the lightest phase of sleep), meaning you never wake up from a deep sleep. The lighter your phase of sleep when you wake, the more alert you are when your alarm goes off.

Begin by opening Sleep Time and setting the alarm.

Sleep Time works by using the built-in accelerometer in your phone to monitor your movements during sleep. By monitoring your movements and coordinating that data with what it knows about sleep cycles, Sleep Time knows when you’re in the most optimum state to rise. At that optimum time, it sounds your alarm.

In the settings, you’re given an option to set a window of time from which Sleep Time can operate, giving it a 10, 20, or 30-minute time frame. The greater the window, the greater the chance the app can wake you up at an optimal time. So, if you give it a 30-minute window, setting the alarm for 6am, the alarm may sound anywhere between 5:30 and 6. The 10-minute window will start at 5:50, etc.

Sleep Time tracks your sleep cycles and displays them in graph form in the morning, so you can monitor your sleeping habits and adjust your routine accordingly to get the best night’s sleep.

It’s almost impossible to function at maximum capacity without paying proper attention to our sleep. That being the case, any utility that helps us sleep better is a positive. After using it for a week, I agree with the nearly 1800 users who’ve rated the app five stars on Google Play.

Sleep tight.

Sleep Time on Google Play | Sleep Time on iTunes

Bonus: Here are a few more tips to ensure a good night’s sleep.

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