Glass Widgets May Be the Only Widget You Need {#Android}

The inclusion of widgets on the Android platform was met with mixed reviews, and the debate continues to rage. For those opposed, they are seen as unnecessary. For those in favor, they are seen as a massively useful way to get information at-a-glance.

Both arguments are valid, and to some degree, right. Widgets can be quite useful, but they can also distract, and they can hog precious resources from your device- especially the battery.

Glass Widgets ICS approaches this problem with caution and skill. The widget combines many functions into one well-designed interface, giving you weather, time, calendar events, and top headlines at a glance. The semi-transparency is clean and polished while fitting in with just about any look, so no matter how much customizing you do, Glass Widgets ICS will always compliment your device’s look well.

Go under the hood (into settings) and you’ll find a bevy of options. Choose which information to show (weather, alarm, date, news) and where to put it, choose any of your device’s apps to launch from a press on the widget, which calendars to include, and where the widget should grab your news.

You can also purchase an [unlocker] for $.99 to get two extra features: changing fonts and transparency levels.

Glass Widgets ICS is simple, well-engineered, and well-designed. Go get it on the Play Store.

Glass Widgets ICS | Glass Widgets Unlocker